The Nerds that Run da’ Joint!

I am The ProDoucher FunGus and I spit that Yoga Fire. My favorite nerds of all time are the Wu-Tang Clan. That should tell you enough about me. I may not be a top-level geek, but I’ll throw down with the best of them in my B-boy stance. You think it’s a game?!
EbenBottomless Receptacle of Useless Knowledge
Eben is a bottomless receptacle of useless knowledge. Spending countless hours watching television and movies, reading, and listening to podcasts. A modern day renaissance man and Jack of all trades there are few subjects with which he does not have some level of familiarity. A loner by nature preferring to spend time taking in information he also loves to share that information with those who don’t have it. Inherently argumentative, there are few people he likes to argue with more than his good friend Pedro. The two have been arguing over movies and comics for a decade much to the amusement of their friends who insisted they start a podcast so that the masses could enjoy the debate as well.
PedroGraphic Artist & Middle Finger Flinger
After successfully defeating the Necromancer along with Prince By-tor, Pedro, the Mandelorian bounty hunter, escaped the grip of the Solar Federation and found refuge in Endor. After years of hiding in isolation Pedro moved to Miami where he went under the name Jerry Finkle and stared his legendary band SCAB. Be became intrigued with comic books, cinema and ghames (not a typo). He met Louie when he was brutally attacked by Wolverine , who ripped out his heart as a joke but put it back instantly(Wolverines a dick!). They were destined to be excellent to each other. Then after a 4 year debate about who the villain in Moana was (lava monster) with Eben, they decided to use their powers for good and entertain the cosmos. Thus WAFS was born. Soon to be touring on the rings of Saturn. Stay tuned for tour dates
Looey Q
Looey QLives in Eben's Closet & Web Guy
Raised by Ninja turtles and goosebumps, he is a comic illustrator and web designer. He also loves Pancakes and The Golden Girls. With a mind focused on Nostalgia, Looey often makes references to obscure moments in movies and television and also he has a really cool pet dog. He also loves Theme parks and Kid Cuisines. He built the infamous LouieBot to take his place at home as father and husband to his family, so that he could live in Eben’s closet anytime he wants and also record the podcast on the reg.