What We’re About

Movies, comics, music, books, video games and theme parks! Whatever it is, we have something to say about it. A podcast by three guys and a producer with opposing views on pop culture.

How We Came To Be

One day Pedro and Eben were arguing about something super hard.
Gus, being both Eben and Pedro’s friend was watching them from a bush outside the house, as friends often do. He thought “Hey! This should be a podcast!” So he got his recording equipment and started recording their conversations, from the bush outside, as friends often do. One day Gus sees a guy climbing through Eben’s window. He ran up to this person and said “HEY!” The man turned around and Gus continued “Can you plant these recording devices in Ebens closet?” The man said “Of course! I was heading there anyways to smell all of Eben’s clothes, I’m Louie by the way!”
“Cool beans,  I’m Gus!”
The two men high fived. Every day Gus and Louie would position them selves closer and closer to Pedro and Eben. Until one day Eben and Pedro finally accepted Gus and Louie as one of their own. Gus broke out the recording equipment and Louie and Pedro called each other “stupid bitches” cause they had become close like that. Louie continues to live in Eben’s closet and the four bros get together every week to record this podcast about nerd stuff.

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